Hospitals made like factories

The changes the East Sussex Healthcare Trust Board of Directors seem to have no regard for patients and their relatives and friends. Sending patients away from the General Hospital, that distance on a very difficult route by ambulance, will the ambulance take a relative?

Then they have to get home, possible without a friend with a car and out in the country. A taxi from Polegate to the Conquest cost £30. Trains and buses take a long time getting to their home, evenings and Sundays a very limited service or no service.

When Eastbourne people need to go to the Conquest for their operation do they need to be seen in that hospital before admission, then for their operation, discharge home and return for post-up check up?

Will transport be available for them? With the short time people are kept in hospital many have to return; which is always taken as a new admission.

Will there be money for patients’ travelling expenses and their relatives? If the patient dies, are the relatives expected to go to the hospital for the death certificate and their belongings?

The registration of death can be at their home too if they have notified them they are coming. Stroke patients coming to Eastbourne from Hastings are mostly elderly, so making it hard for their elderly relatives to travel to Eastbourne, especially if they live some distance from Hastings.

The people who are making these plans, and the medical people all have cars. It seems that the hospitals are being made more like factories, instead of looking after people, who are all different and need different care.

J. COMPTON, Church Road, Polegate.