Hardly sticking to his pledges

THE Herald reports the response of Stephen Lloyd, Eastbourne MP, to the decrease in winter fuel allowance for pensioners.

‘I hope and believe many old people will realise this has been a very difficult decision for the Government and appreciate that while it may be £300 not £400, it is still a big help’ ------ Isn’t it also a big decrease for the over 80s?

Does he remember that cost of living increases this year for pensioners were also reduced when the CPI rate was substituted for the RPI rate.

Add to this his recent statement on BBC TV that he had voted for decreases in benefits, and that he was surprised at the very bad youth unemployment figures for Eastbourne.

He talks of ‘very difficult decisions’ and ‘sticking to a pre-election pledge’. Does anyone remember any more ‘pre-election pledges’?


Leyland Road