Great to be part of Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival

WELL done and thanks to the organisers of the Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival for the hard work they put in to get the Carnival back.

After 15 years or more of no carnival in Eastbourne we wanted to get involved and bring some life back into Eastbourne and enter a float.

We spent weeks building a 10 foot tall Olympic torch and and painting two 10 foot panels to go on the sides of the truck, everyone gave up their weekends to come and help and that morning we dressed the truck and got the music ready then had two hours left to have lunch and get ourselves ready.

We all had great fun walking and dancing our way along the seafront to the Wish Tower.

The pavements along the route were packed with people and some points we had difficulty getting through with the truck, it was a great atmosphere and fantastic so many people turned up to watch and support all the entries.

We didn’t get a chance to see the other floats including the winners, neither did people who couldn’t make it if they were working or in hospital or unable to get there like some of the elderly residents, who would have been in the carnival all those years ago but not well enough to get there now and buy your paper every week and don’t have the internet.

On the Gazette and Herald website on Wednesday it said “More than 50 floats and 1,500 walking entries took part in the parade, see Friday’s Herald for more pictures and the best entries” but we were disappointed not to see a lot more photos in last Friday’s Herald after all the hard work, money and time everyone had put in to make it a good parade.

And what did the winning floats look like? And show a picture of the many people who turned up to watch and cheer everyone on.