Good response to the £1 appeal

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FIRSTLY thank you to the council for bringing us yet another fabulous Airbourne.

I have been an Airbourne volunteer bucket collector on behalf of the Eastbourne Hospitality Association for the council for the past four years.

This year I happily trudged up and down the beach and along the Prom (along with some 50 or so other volunteers) asking for donations to bring this fabulous show back next year (30% going to the RNLI).

Collecting was made much easier to do this year thanks to the recent Herald’s front page headline article and Marco Giorgi’s TV appeal – loads of you lovely people donated your £1 and some of you much more.

Thank you so much for every penny – we are waiting for the final total.

However, there were a small percentage who either ignored us totally, pretended not to understand, shrugged shoulders, shook heads, said “got no change” or “don’t do donating”.

To all who sat individually or with your entire family, eating your fish and chips and enjoying the fabulous Vulcan but who did not donate, I say this – if the council is able to put on the show next year and I very much hope they can, no doubt you will also be at the beach again.

Then perhaps you can dig deep into your pockets and purses and donate double the amount to make up for not doing so this time. If you are reading this, I hope you are feeling guilty. After all, remember nothing in life is free!


Marine Parade