Free entry might revive concerts

AS MUCH as everyone, including the musicians who play and have played on the Eastbourne bandstand for many years, appreciates the refurbished which is long overdue, there is the question of the immediate future.

The temporary bandstand on the beach is fine, to a point, but for some is not satisfactory in that it is too small, at most and at a pinch you would get 20 to 25 musicians on the stage and not more.

It’s the sort of stage that would be ideal for such as a rock group but not for a concert band of say 30-plus, bands are going to turn up and find they will have to reduce the numbers to enable set up.

As it is all bands of over 25 will have to decide if they are going to be able to fit in what is a very small area.

There is no charge for the majority of concerts where either one hires a deck chair for £2 or one takes ones own chair.

This of course is a plus as the numbers I feel over the last few years have been low because of the cost, so for the period of the refurbishment concerts will be free and the numbers I feel will reflect this.

But having said that I have grave reservations about the under-estimated size of the temporary bandstand.

The ideal situation, certainly for the Proms and 1812 concerts, would be to move to the Redoubt Museum further down the seafront. In the past all 1812 concerts were played there on a Friday night.


Bakers Farm Park

Upper Horsebridge