Fourteen reasons why wind farms aren’t needed

THE threat of wind farms off the Sussex coast prompts us to ask your readers to consider the following propositions in relation to wind turbines.

l They do not work when the wind is insufficient.

l They do not work when the wind is too strong

l The seize up when the weather is cold.

l They can catch fire when the weather is too hot.

l They destroy the environment

l They are noisy

l They are a health hazard.

l They destroy bird life.

l They need replacing after 25 years

l They regularly break down.

l They need a vast network of new power lines.

l They are manufactured abroad.

l They are horribly expensive.

l They substantially increase our energy bills.

The idea that carbon emissions are causing global warming is in our view erroneous.

In fact, there is evidence that global cooling is taking place.

The earth’s temperature is governed by sunspot activity, which is now steadily decreasing.

Power must be generated by nuclear fission, smokeless coal-fired generating plants, and by using the vast quantities of energy producing shale known to exist under Lancashire.


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