For some the glass is always half empty

MALCOLM Rasala (February 24) is surely being deliberately provocative in his scathing diatribe against the town of Eastbourne and as such cannot be taken too seriously.

As a recent arrival in the town - my wife and I moved here in 2008 - I should, however, like to make one or two comments.

Firstly as to the appearance of Eastbourne. One thing which attracted us was how striking it is.

There is variety in its architecture – from the charm of Little Chelsea to the grandeur of Eastbourne College, the elegance of its town houses to the smart outlines of much of the seafront. We were attracted by the juxtaposition of the sea with its sweeping promenade and the beautiful downs providing a wonderful contrast.

There are, of course, some not-so-lovely corners – but please tell me any place in the world which hasn’t!

Secondly, we retired here from London and were taken with the great sense of community. There are theatres and cinemas, sport and keep fit centres, an art gallery (is that not modern enough for Mr Rasala?), tennis facilities and bowling clubs and a great many pubs and eating establishments for all tastes.

We have become involved in so many local activities that there are not enough hours in the week to fit in all that we want to do.

On top of this we have been welcomed by all we meet. The local churches are especially active and inclusive.

For some people their glass is always half empty. I am glad to say that ours’ is brimming over. Every day we are deeply grateful that we have moved to Eastbourne.


Ratton Road