Fantastic response to lighthouse walk

I WOULD be grateful if you would allow me to use your column to thank a number of people who helped with the Lighthouse Challenge last Saturday.

With the advanced registrations, we were expecting around 120 people, and we thought that we could approach 200 with the people registering on the actual day.

But our expectations were surpassed when we actually checked in 233 people, which is probably the largest group ever going to the lighthouse.

Two other possible records were set: Barry McHale managed to do the round trip in only an hour and three quarters, and impressively, one 87-year-old lady did the whole trip which deterred many people half her age.

The only hiccup we had was at the check-in point which took longer than anticipated, simply due to the numbers coming. As I am in the travel business myself and often on the receiving end of check-in delays, I should have known better. Nevertheless, all the entrants were very patient which was appreciated.

Safety was paramount and apart from notifying the Coast Guard and RNLI, we had generous help from the RAYNET group acting as marshals, the Birling Gap in-shore rescue boat on standby, and the Eastbourne First Responders to provide first aid in case of any accidents.

Many thanks goes to these organisations – all voluntary.

Finally, thanks are due to the participants themselves, who all said how they enjoyed the day, and the only question they posed was “when are you organising another one?”

I think the short answer to that, is that our club will certainly be looking at planning another one for those who would like to do it again, or those who unfortunately missed a great opportunity to do something that most Eastbournians have never done.


president, Rotary Club of Eastbourne AM,

Haystoun Park, Willingdon.