Excavate site before building

AS A researcher seeking to preserve our past I was disappointed to read in last week’s Herald that the Burlington Hotel car park is to become flats.

A February issue of the Herald gave prominence to the news that Dr Matthew Pope indicated the importance of an archaeological dig in this very area and appealed to local people for co-operation.

The Musgrave Museum at once got in touch with the Eastbourne Archaeological Society to offer help.

What is special about this area? Well not only is the area where a Roman villa existed but Elm Park Road probably led up to it. Earlier generation recorded Roman walls in the vicinity. Also it was later the area connected with the Old Mill (demolished 1841) where the father of Queen Victoria stayed as a child, leading to the development of hotels and guest houses in the locality which brought Eastbourne into prominence.

My book, What Happened to Anderida?, gave attention to this area.

The spring edition of Eastbourne Review just published by the Council has an article ‘Eastbourne Ancestors’ which draws attention to planned archaeology in the town, and Eastbourne archaeologist Jo Seaman works tirelessly to help us understand our past. The Heritage Centre contains considerable information and exhibits.

Fragments of Eastbourne’s past are continually being found. In recent months a large collection of rocks has been found which contain figures of people which have been engraved with great skill and already are on display at the Musgrave Museum.

At the very least it is hoped that building should not begin until this site has been excavated.


Seaside Road