Ever-increasing Council Tax burden

COUNCIL Tax - Heat or eat, which comes first.

Can you, as a pensioner, afford the council tax at the level it is even though it is frozen.

What happens in the year 2013-2014 - what will the council tax be then?

I see from the BBC CEEFAX and the national press that the average council tax for Band D is £1,444 so why is tax Band D £1,602.77 here in Eastbourne?

Example, Band D is £1,602.77 a year. Of this amount, just over £320 a year, £26 month, goes towards council workers’ pensions alone, which means our council tax should really be just over £1.200 a year.

Even that is a burden for the majority of people in a Band D property.

Why should council tax payers have to pay such a large chunk of their money towards other people’s pension scheme?

The council should be finding other ways and means of raising money for council staff pensions.

People cannot keep on paying out large sums of money when they themselves are hard pushed with the ever-increasing cost of living.

Times are hard at the moment for most and the council tax must be one of the biggest expenditures we must pay before anything else. Something needs to be done now to reduce the ever-increasing burden of council tax.


Beverington Road