Eastbourne’s roads are getting worse

I refer to the coverage in the past two weeks you have given to the worsening condition of our roads. As a moped rider, the holes are very dangerous, more so in wet weather when every puddle is a possible hazard.

Beverington Road has a large hole as you enter from Rodmill,and two large holes as you enter Willingdon Road.

The whole road has holes of various sizes, going back to winter 2011. some holes were marked with white spray but that has worn away over a long period.

Three men with a truck, I won’t call them workers, came along last year, poured some tar into the hole and stamped down some tarmac, this soon broke up, they were very selective, and only dealt with the easy ones.

To get the true perspective of the surface in Beverington Road, enter from Rodmill – the whole road needs attention and has done for several years and is getting worse.

You cannot blame the salt and grit lorries because they do not come down this road the past three years the residents have not been able to get out of their house for several days.

I do not expect anything to be done, as East Sussex County Council has given the roads in Eastbourne very poor attention.

RON BROOKER, Beverington Road.