Don’t be an armchair critic

Although it is absolutely correct that local council tax paying residents are free to criticise elected representatives, surely it has be done on fairness and fact.

Sadly both these sentiments were missing from Michael Harris’s letter of last week.

Firstly you can vote for whom you like in May, but it will not make a blind bit of difference to the current make-up on Eastbourne Borough Council as the elections on May 2nd are for East Sussex County Councillors.

Then Mr Harris’s list of grievances needs to be challenged.

I agree the Congress has been partly covered in scaffolding for too long, but the plans for the whole Devonshire Park complex are exciting and I would rather wait for these, then a short-term patch up job.

The Wish Tower café was an ugly building, fit only for the bulldozers.

The Towner art gallery is one of the towns’ most popular attractions.

Conservative run East Sussex County Council introduced the parking regulations in Eastbourne.

The closure of vital DGH services, in my opinion, is due to poor management at the trust, and I am pleased that we have cross-party campaigns fighting for our hospital.

You cannot prevent a planning application because you do not like the name of the retail outlet.

As a cyclist I understand the new cycle path and how to use it.

Ball games on a green open space, oh what a crime!

There are often letters printed in the Herald from armchair politicians who find it easy to moan and complain from the comfort of their living rooms, but I would question what part they play in making the town a better place?

The trouble with Mr Harris’ letter is that this particular armchair politician, in a rush to put pen to paper, did not research first.

Eastbourne Borough Council, East Sussex County Council and the government are all different elected bodies, responsible for different portfolios, and if anyone wants to question the way things are or are not done, then I would recommend that they aim their complaints at the correct authority.


Pevensey Road,