Doing nothing is not an option

CONSIDERING how much impact global warming is already having on our lives there appears little debate in our local newspapers, so I was interested to read a letter last week by a reader who considers it more likely global warming is caused by other activities than those carried out by human beings.

There seem to be a variety of responses to global warming - one of which loosely goes under the heading of denial.

Deniers are basically really frightened by the facts and prefer to deny temperatures are rising, resources disappearing, pollution causing disasters and many other unpleasant events are taking place. Deniers are dangerous as they stop the good things happening like wind farms and solar panels by using arguments that stop progress in sustainability.

Then we have the Selfish Optimist who thinks we can go on polluting and robbing the planet, as nothing will change the outcome, and in our lifetime things are more or less going to be okay.

The Selfish Pessimist believes that even with a complete change of the way we live we still cannot reverse the disastrous path we have been on, so why bother?

Dump another load of nuclear waste and build another nuclear power station. Dig and burn that coal.

Then we have the Not Too Sure But I Think Something Needs to be Done Lot.

Time is running out, It is up to the government to lead the way. I am prepared to make an effort if you are, but hopefully you are not, and then we can dither a bit more.

There is no doubt that nature (including mankind) is organised on the lines of survival of the fittest. We have to change that and ensure the common good is our aim.

There are those who believe if we improve the planet by acting co-operatively, as opposed to competitively, and work on a better lifestyle which is not only sustainable but which builds resources for future generations, our world, bar some cataclysmic events that the Universe could hurl at us, can continue.

Economic growth has been the mantra by which we have lived, but this pays no attention to resources or pollution.

Good and careful housekeeping of the world’s resources - and technology - could possibly look after the future, but we have to be clever enough and caring enough of each other and the earth to make this happen.

Jocelyn McCarthy

Dominica Court