Dog owners’ behaviour is unacceptable

TO a minority of dog owners: Imagine you are doing your shopping in a supermarket on a Saturday afternoon.

Would you find it acceptable for me to help myself to things out of your trolley?

Maybe square up to you and physically intimidate you?

Perhaps push you around?

Generally make a nuisance of myself? I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing and I’m sure you would object to someone doing this to you while you are legitimately going about your business in a public place.

So then why do you find it acceptable for your dog rush up to me barking, snarling, jumping up and on two occasions actually biting me (once requiring hospital treatment) while I am legitimately minding my own business running on the downs, along the Cuckoo trail or in Abbots Wood?

The comparison is quite clear.

The normal rules of polite society apply whether it is a Saturday afternoon in Sainsbury or half-way up the hill from Butts Brow car park.

The old chestnut ‘well he’s never done that before’ is wearing thin.

He has done it before and he will do it again. If your dog behaves in this way then there are two options.

Take the dog to classes and train it to a point where it responds to the recall under all circumstances or put it on a lead.

Amazingly simple isn’t it?

If you find yourself unable to do one of these two things then I politely suggest that you keep your dog at home.

It can then happily befoul your back garden and chase and bark at the birds.

I can then happily try and keep fit without being chased and bitten and not worry about stepping in the contents of your dog’s guts that have been splattered all over public paths and tracks.

I won’t hold my breath though.


Bembridge Road.