Does politics dictate degree of courtesy?

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I WAS fascinated to read the account of young people labelling Councillor Tom Liddiard a ‘hypocrite’ at the recent Eastbourne Borough Council meeting.

Having been an opponent of the skate park in Manor Gardens from the start, because of its location - NOT because of its function or because of anti-youth feeling in any way - I was surprised a youth speaker said Councillor Liddiard and fellow Tory councillors ‘portrayed us as drug addicts and thugs in your literature’.

Actually, the only people I heard making such comments were the pro-skate park speakers, suggesting these were the views of the antis. The antis I spoke to, or listened to, mostly mentioned a fear that the skateboarders would, in such a secluded location, be vulnerable to threats from precisely the vandals who have done so much damage in Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park.

No-one suggested skateboarders were in any way to blame or associated with these damages. That there are drug dealers and takers in Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park is not in question. However, there was and is no suggestion from the antis or the Upperton Ward councillors that these were the same persons as the potential skateboarders.

I am curious this really rather disgraceful and impolite behaviour - holding up placards saying Councillor Liddiard was a hypocrite - should raise so little complaint from the LibDem majority in council. The mayor was extremely rude to Upperton residents at a private Conservative surgery but was absolved. Perhaps politics also dictates the degree of courtesy required towards councillors on different sides of the ‘fence’.


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