Dismay over waste food policy change

I WONDER how many have seen the new Marks and Spencer campaign, highlighting our wasteful attitude to clothes and the sheer volume of clothing thrown into landfill sites.

While M&S may have got it right on a national level, here in Eastbourne, they’ve really let themselves down.

Did you know they used to donate going-out-of-date food to the Salvation Army for distribution among the homeless?

This came to a crashing halt when it was decided selling the food at a cut price rate was the preferred option.

I can see why: it makes good business sense but just for a minute imagine the actual consequence of that decision.

The Government (love them or loathe them) have pledged they will never “balance the books on the backs of the poor”, when it comes to discussion around international aid budgets. Right here on our doorsteps M&S has chosen to do exactly the opposite, putting profit before people.

I wrote to the company asking why this decision had been made and was told it was part of their environmental strategy, ‘Plan A’, to reduce waste. You know what? Give away more! Give all the out-of-date food to the various charities in Eastbourne helping the homeless and those in poverty.

That’ll help reduce waste and I guarantee most households have a recycling bin so no need to worry about the environment either.

I’m told M&S is considering my request to re-instate the food distribution and support the Eastbourne Foodbank. I’m pretty certain they won’t but I for one will not be eating anything from a company that takes food from those in need and dresses it up as a win for the environment.


Avondale Road