Councillors should not clear rubbish

IN a letter to you some time ago we asked “What do councillors actually do?”

Well, we now know what three of them do - they clear up the rubbish in the Upperton area.

We do not elect councillors to clear rubbish. That is the job of the council’s street cleaning department, and councillors should see that they do it.

Winston Churchill would have sent a memo to the department marked with one of his famous red stickers “Action this Day” and he would expect an immediate response.

If only our councillors would act similarly we might get something done.

If the present council will not act, it is time for a change.

One has only to look at the Congress theatre. Theatre covered in scaffolding, the shabby state of the Winter Garden, the decaying scaffolded Devonshire Park theatre, the wreck of the Wish Tower restaurant, the partly closed Sovereign Pavilion and now the crumbling Bandstand, to see there must be something “rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Travellers pay good money to visit the ruins of Pompei and ancient Rome.

Perhaps our future lies in attracting visitors to see the ruins of Eastbourne!


St Annes Road