Complacency is the biggest danger

DID you read in the Herald (April 20) that the future of the Kings Drive land raises its ugly head again?

So many of the faithful Eastbourne residents have worked long and hard (particularly Stephen Lloyd and formerly, Alex Hough) on fighting developers over the years to squash their plans to build on this open farmland.

Now I read that our own Duke of Devonshire is giving his permission to sell this land with planning permission in place.

Please Eastbourne residents do not be complacent – we have to rise from our comfortable chairs and fight for this area of outstanding beauty on our doorstep and the shop window for all those entering Eastbourne.

Once this land is sold it will be an irreversible decision and we will have lost it for ourselves and all future generations.

Let us join with Stephen Lloyd to keep this scenic open farmland.

We cannot let this land go without a good fight from ALL of us.

(Even if we don’t live overlooking this green and pleasant land we all drive to and from the DGH at some time and it can only benefit us when we drive alongside the area).


Commercial Road