Car park road rage with white van man

WHAT an unnecessary case of road rage. On Thursday March 29 at approximately 7.15am my wife went to Asda supermarket at the Crumbles.

A slight altercation took place at one of the mini roundabouts with herself and a man in a white van.

My wife was a little shaken, but went on to park her car.

While she was parking she noticed the driver of the van had re-parked (he had been on his way out of Asda) and had come over to where she had parked and demanded she open her door.

My wife was worried as she didn’t know what the man was going to do. It was especially frightening as it was so early in the morning, that there was hardly anyone else around.

She opened her door and he started to rant and rave about the very minor altercation which had taken place – which was that my wife was going to go round the roundabout and hadn’t spotted him at first as he appeared from nowhere, so she suddenly stopped to let him go, but this caused him to be annoyed.

He still continued shouting as he walked off and my wife was so shaken up by this, that she immediately rung me and I told her to come straight home and to abandon her shopping trip for fear of him lurking around or coming back to hurt her or damage her car.


Sayerlands Road, Polegate