Cameron failed to impress on PMQs

DON’T you feel sorry for the Mr Cameron?

Today I’ve been watching Prime Ministers questions on TV.

This is a well-respected part of our democracy, where MPs are able to ask the Prime Minister about items that concern them and their constituents.

The leader of the opposition is allowed to ask up to six questions on behalf of the opposition, to hold the Government to account.

Importantly you will recall that Mr Cameron has said he loves the NHS.

There have been many, many medical staff, doctors, surgeons, nurses, and lots of others who have publicly declared their extreme worries about the current Health Bill still struggling its way through Parliament and have asked for the Bill to be withdrawn.

They think it will damage our NHS.

Now we have the spectacle of Ed Miliband asking Mr Cameron about aspects of the changes already happening in the NHS and the Prime Minister ignoring the question and shouting loudly about something else.

Now this is normal for the PM to do this. (Please believe me).

On this occasion Mr Cameron seemed to be very troubled and on about three, four or five times, was reduced to saying. “Why doesn’t he ask me something else ?”

It perhaps is no wonder that present poll results show that 60 per cent of the public do not trust the Conservatives on the NHS.

It was all very pitiful, now do you see why I ask. “Don’t you feel sorry for Mr Cameron ?”


Leyland Road, Pevensey Bay.