Bees are in serious trouble

British bees are in serious trouble, and that’s bad news for us in Eastbourne, for farmers and for our economy.

Without bees, food prices would rise because pollinating crops by hand would cost over £1.8 billion a year.

A comprehensive Bee Action Plan is urgently needed to protect all 267 species of bees and the vital role they play in pollinating our food crops, gardens and countryside.

A Bee Action Plan is backed by over 200 MPs from all parties, businesses from The Co-op to B&Q and we’ve been overwhelmed by support from people in Eastbourne.

Hundreds of Eastbourne residents have signed our Bee Cause petition at our group’s local campaign stalls, and have come on our very popular Bee Walks in local parks.

Eastbourne Borough Council formally adopted our Bee Cause campaign and have created many Bee Worlds around the town, containing lots of bee-friendly plants and trees.

The Government says it is listening and is expected to unveil new proposals soon. Our MP, Stephen Lloyd, has signed a statement backing a Bee Action Plan, and he has been very supportive of our Bee Cause campaign.

We urgently need a proper Bee Action Plan that tackles all the threats bees face, including pesticides and habitat loss.

With our Government’s help, we can make sure bees are here to stay.


Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth,

Rattle Road, Pevensey.