Australian vistors’ thanks to Eastbourne

We are Australians who have just spent the most wonderful two years in Eastbourne. We came here to experience life in another country and now leave with that goal at least partly met. A little extra time would have helped but as I write we are boarding the flight ‘home’ to Australia.

My husband worked at The Foyer and I at Moira House and our respective communities were simply wonderful ambassadors for England.

Congratulations to the Eastbourne community for continuing to market the town with a rich programme of events, cultural and sporting.

Eastbourne is a beautiful part of the world although we still smile at the term ‘sunshine coast’ as we hail from a place of that name in Australia and they do differ slightly!

We will miss the sight of the Downs as we drive back ‘home’ after some amazing travel experiences and we will miss the people who have made our visit so worthwhile.

Yes, we lost The Ashes and managed few medals in the Games, but we have made friends who are priceless. Thank you all.


Carlisle Road.