All roads lead to congestion!

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NEVER mind the Olympic Route Network in London with road closures and diversions – has anyone tried to drive from Eastbourne to the real world lately?

Going West there are roadworks on the A27 switchback before Wilmington with 40mph speed restriction. Admittedly the main works are at night but work is carried out during the day and the speed restriction still applies.

Interestingly the new kerbs being laid follow the undulations of the road surface nicely so despite the inconvenience, no change to the road surface.

The works are described as ‘drainage and geotechnic’ work which I presume is the phraseology for the loss of many trees between the road and railway.

Once on the A23 there are roadworks at Handcross until November 2014 with 40mph speed and lane restrictions. Despite the speed limit there are, amazingly, regular accidents closing the road completely.

Maybe the A22 to Wych Cross and then through Turners Hill takes your fancy to avoid Handcross? Nope - roadworks in Turner Hill until end of August!

Okay, so to avoid this I’ll go via the A22. Roadworks and temporary traffic lights on the East Grinsted ‘bypass’ at Beeching Way until August 7. Then further along at Felbridge, roadworks until November, causing major delays.

Not to be beaten I’ll go via the A267 to Tunbridge Wells (roadworks just past the old Bicycle Arms for a few days more) and pick up the A21 at Pembury.

Unfortunately there are roadworks on the Pembury road out of Tunbridge Wells for nine weeks and the popular cut through at Halls Hole Road is closed during the work.

Anyway this route isn’t ideal as the Little London Road between Horam and Cross in Hand is closed for one week from July 30 so all traffic is going through Heathfield.

Also the A265 (Heathfield to the A21 at Hurst Green is closed for surface dressing until August 10 so that’s out as well! The diversion route takes you to Battle and then the A21.

I believe the East route A259 to Bexhill and Hastings is fairly clear so perhaps I’ll go there for the duration!


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