Aiming to improve customer service

FURTHER to the recent letter from reader Mr Barrie Wennington (The customer comes last again’, Gazette, October 26), the interruption to water supplies was caused by a faulty valve operation.

Unfortunately we did have some difficulty understanding the cause of the supply interruption and which precise properties had been impacted.

This made it more difficult to identify the problem and communicate to those customers directly affected, for which we apologise.

Likewise, there are occasions when our customers can experience delays in their calls being answered at busy times, when we are dealing with a number of different events, whether they be burst mains or network difficulties, which cause interruptions.

South East Water answers all calls as quickly as possible, and also provides messages for callers on the area affected and the likely duration of the problem.

We are sorry for the frustration this can cause, and have written to Mr Wennington to explain the detailed circumstances behind the loss of supply he and his neighbours experienced and reassure him we are taking the necessary steps to improve our customer service when similar incidents occur in the future.


Customer services director

South East Water