12/03/08: Write directly to Renown

I am writing with regard to bus services.

I am surprised Steve Barnett has not suggested scrapping the council with its overstuffed turkey departments. This would then fund Eastbourne Buses for the next 500 years.

Let bus travellers run things, as Eastbourne Buses has as much idea about running services as a dodo in hobnail boots – extinct is the word I'm thinking of.

They have even lost the information shop within the station so there is nothing left. People in some places will have a new travel card at the end of March but no buses to use them on. Councillors don't use buses to go anywhere so their interest is just for publicity.

I have all the time in the world for Renown/Cavendish who stepped in when our Old Town routes were originally messed up and have done a top notch job ever since.

Old Town now has a direct service, No10 out to the main Sainsbury's on Cross Levels Way and Priory Lane, Eastbourne Borough's Ground, in the other direction, as well as a direct service 11 to Hailsham. Brilliant!

They do need to run the No 10 on Saturdays when Borough are at home because of the potential customers and for evening matches, but I will contact them about that.

If they tie up with the club it would be great and would benefit the supporters without cars, and the club, big time.

For all the worried bus users at Cherry Gardens/Priory Heights/Beachlands/Westham, don't waste time contacting Eastbourne Buses with its lame excuses.

Write directly to Renown/Cavendish at their Bexhill HQ (address at the end of the letter), I'm sure they will give you all a service.

When they started their guv'nor, David Howard, was on the No 10 from ASDA asking people what they wanted to see servicewise.

He also drove a double decker during one Airbourne with stairs at the back and a conductor. Took me back to my schooldays. Sadly he is no longer with us but the company sure is: The Lighthouse Line, Renown/Cavendish, 1A Beeching Road, Bexhill-on-Sea TN39 3LG, telephone 01424 210744.

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