Woman’s anger at gas works

Gas works in Downs Avenue, Eastbourne, May 2014 SUS-140514-162442001
Gas works in Downs Avenue, Eastbourne, May 2014 SUS-140514-162442001

A family living in Old Town were furious when gas engineers smashed into a water main meaning there was no water supply to their home.

Glynis Mears said, “I want to scream. There was water everywhere and now we’ve got no water coming out of the tap. We’ve rung the water company and they say ‘yes, you do have water’....but we don’t. I said to them, “It’s almost as if I am lying. The water has been off for four hours now. We have no dinner. There’s a little old lady next door and the gate to her home is completely blocked with a great, big hole.”

A Southern Gas Networks spokeswoman told the Herald, “We’re currently working to upgrade the local gas supply network in the Downs Avenue area. The existing gas mains and services have come to the end of their useful life and we need to replace them with modern plastic pipe to ensure a continued safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come.

“During the course of our works earlier today, a water service to a property in Downs Avenue was damaged. We alerted the water company who attended the property to make their repairs. We understand the water company are back onsite this afternoon to complete this work.”

A spokeswoman for South East Water added, “This is the only household that still has a problem and it appears that some debris was stuck in the stopcock. An engineer has gone to get a part and hopefully the supply will soon be back on.”

But Mrs Mears is horrified there have been so many problems with the work and says she’s heard shouts of alarm from engineers outside. She went on,“You daren’t go out. I can’t believe they’ve done so much damage in such a short time.”

As of Monday, Mrs Mears’ water supply was back on after five and a half hours.