Wildlife rescuer Trevor has a busy weekend

Rescued pigeons SUS-150203-093034001
Rescued pigeons SUS-150203-093034001

After a few fairly quiet weeks on the rescue front, this week the rescue line has definitely been busier, writes Trevor Weeks. Our volunteer rescuers have been dealing with a number of calls including a hedgehog in Harpers Road in Newhaven with a nasty head injury which needed to be rushed in for care and for our vets to assess.

Rescuer Sally, found a predator attacked wood pigeon whilst out enjoying a walk. Sadly the wounds were too much and he also had to be rushed in to the vets. Rescuer Daryl has returned two birds to the wild including a feral pigeon from Manor Way in Uckfield and a blackbird from Deanland Wood Park near Golden Cross, which was only rescued the day before, but was luckily just stunned.

Ambulances have been out to an injured pigeon and an injured gull this in Eastbourne. The pigeon was thought to have a damaged joint on one wing and was taken to the vets for assessment, luckily the wing is ok and is now at WRAS’s Casualty Centre recuperating.

Sad news that John Hicks, founder of International Animal Rescue, sadly passed away last week. He was an amazing man and a person I feel privileged to have known.

My best memory of John was when he help attend to a deer near Burwash. The initial report was of two deer with their antlers locked together.

Unsure what we were going to discover, I called on Alan Knight and John Hicks were I knew were only just down the road at the time. They met me on site and we walked the mile or so into the forest before having to search of the deer. We then discovered that the deer had their antlers tied together with baler twine. One of the deer had died leaving the remaining deer to drag the dead deer around.

John has truly been an inspiration to thousands of people

I was able to jump on and pin the deer to the floor as it fell into a stream. Leaving the others time to cut the twine off the deer. Once free we were able to check him for injuries and set the deer free to run off through the woods. John cared deeply for wildlife not just in this country but across the world.

John and his wife Jo spent most of their time living in India helping to oversee the work of International Animal Rescue as well as the Primate Trust India.

John has truly been an inspiration to thousands of people and helped millions of animals worldwide. John had been recovering from an operation to treat cancer but had to be rushed into hospital last week after falling ill suddenly and sadly he passed away. He will be truly missed.

We are now looking to recruit additional volunteers for our Orphan Rearing Team ready for the spring/summer 2015 season. This role will involve assisting staff with the hand rearing of baby birds ranging from tiny robins to young owls.

No experience is necessary as all training will be provided, however you must be physically fit as you are feeding almost constantly in the height of the season which is tiring work, it is however also extremely rewarding.

The shifts particularly needing volunteers are 7am-10am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 6pm-10pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekend. If you are interested, please email Lindsay at lindsay@eastsussexwras.org.uk

We took in 10 young pigeons at the weekend from Sarah from The Starlight Trust and Lou in Surrey who have hand reared them following a major bird rescue operation at a bridge in Wallington in January. They are with us for the final stages of care and soft release.

They have all settled in well, trashing their cages, eating like mad and being very cheeky and nosy. They should not need to be with us too long before they are ready for release.

Our fox which was rescued in Cooden Beach after getting one of his rear legs caught in stock fencing at the beginning of February is recovering well. This week we hope we will remove his bandaged for the last time. His wounds have healed really well.

Our vet Mike did a great job in saving and repairing the damaged leg. We hope he will be releasable within the next few weeks. Also our Meadow Pipet has been released this week too back to the wild.