Wheelchair gives crowd extra ‘thrill’

Double Death SUS-140608-172513001
Double Death SUS-140608-172513001

Devonshire Park audience members got an unexpected shock in the theatre’s thriller on Tuesday night when a runaway prop wheelchair plunged into the orchestra pit.

Double Death, which is the main show in the Devonshire Park Theatre summer season and runs until August 23, tells the story of twins, one of whom is confined to a wheelchair following a terrible accident.

The wheelchair in question however obviously decided to take more of a central role at Tuesday night’s performance when actress Kim Tiddy didn’t put the brake on strongly enough and the chair began to move slowly towards the orchestra pit.

Kim, who was upstage with her back to the audience while the wheelchair made its slow but doomed roll to the front of the stage and the waiting pit, was unaware of the unfolding events, which were all too obvious for the assembled audience.

Coronation Street actor Brian Capron, who plays the detective in the thriller, said, “I heard an almighty crash and ran to the wings, to see the spinning wheels of the wheelchair in the orchestra pit below, and a rather shocked but ever professional Kim standing upstage!

“The assistant stage manager Greg managed to retrieve the prop and return it to stage with very little fuss and the play carried on as before.

“That’s live theatre for you - I think the audience loved it!”

Andrew Paul, who takes the dual roles of the identical twins, had the next line in the show, which was “So far, so good.” Brian said it “brought the house down.”

At the curtain call Brian quipped, “Thank you for bearing with us with the wheelchair incident, but as it went down so well we’re thinking of putting in every show.”

Luckily no-one was hurt by the wheelchair’s plunge.

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