What’s your views on health needs?

PEOPLE in East Sussex are to be asked for their views on a whole range of health and wellbeing issues during a three-month consultation.

The East Sussex Health and Wellbeing Board has launched the consultation to help develop a Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the county.

The strategy will address the needs of local residents at every stage of their lives.

A consultation document Healthy Lives, Healthy People has been published setting out the Board’s vision and the priorities it proposes to focus on over the next three years.

These priorities are based on local needs and focus on the areas where the Board feel the biggest difference can be made.

They are as follows:

r Ensuring the best start for all babies and young children

r Safe, resilient, secure parenting for all children and young people

r Reducing the harm caused by alcohol and tobacco

r Preventing and reducing falls, accidents and injuries

r Enabling people to manage and maintain their mental health and wellbeing

r Supporting those with special educational needs, disabilities and long term conditions

r High quality and choice of end of life care

In addition to protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in East Sussex, some actions will be targeted at groups of people and local areas that are experiencing the worst health in order to ‘narrow the gap’ and reduce inequalities.

The Board also wants to build on the work already taking place to close the traditional divide between health, social care and other services that affect people’s health and wellbeing – such as housing, employment, leisure opportunities and community safety – so that individuals get truly ‘joined’ up services that address their needs.

You can download a copy of the consultation document and survey or fill in an online survey via the website www.eastsussex.gov.uk/haveyoursay

The consultation closes on September 14.

There will be a chance to comment on the draft strategy when it is published in October.

A final strategy and action plan will be published in December.