Watch your boozing or risk health problems

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The problems caused by drinking too much is top of the agenda this week for the NHS in Eastbourne.

Health workers locally are joining in with the nationwide Alcohol Awareness Week, which runs until Friday, and are hoping to hammer home their message and encourage more people to drink sensibly.

And as part of the week-long drive, the NHS is asking people to sign up for what it has dubbed Dry January, where people get sponsorship from friends and family to go a month without touching a tipple.

Peter Aston, an expert at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, said, “Every year we spend around £15.5 million in East Sussex treating and caring for people because of the harm caused by alcohol. However, when it comes to talking about alcohol, we tend to avoid discussing that more negative side. So this year, during Alcohol Awareness Week, let’s try and have more honest conversations with our family, friends and colleagues, sharing both our positive and negative experiences to see if we can reduce that harm, and cost.”

The NHS recommends drinking no more than two to three units per day for women and three to four units per day for men. Any more can lead to health problems such as cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. See