Watch out for loan sharks in Eastbourne, says charity

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A housing charity has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of loan sharks and to share the message to never borrow money from them.

BHT Sussex, in partnership with the England Illegal Money Lending Team which works with local Trading Standards departments to tackle loan sharks, is driving home the message as part of Loan Shark Month which runs throughout July.

The charity hosts events over the month such as drop-in sessions where people can talk to the Illegal Money Lending Team, training events and leaflet drops to clients and residents.

Eastbourne Housing Advice manager Sue Hennell said, “Eastbourne has a lot of characteristics that make it a target to loan sharks such as having the highest number of benefits sanctions in East Sussex, a high number of zero hour contracts and lots of minimum wage workers.

“Loan sharks will typically appear friendly at first but their behaviour can quickly change with some resorting to threats, violence and intimidation to enforce their debts.”

The charity is campaigning online and asks people to sign up to the thunderclap.

Go to and sign support to the campaign.

Call the charity on 0300 555 2222; text ‘loan shark’ + message to 60003; private message: or email: