Voters go to the polls to elect police and crime commissioner

Voters in Eastbourne went to the polls yesterday to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

The results are due today (Friday) with Eastbourne’s election papers being counted at the Town Hall in Grove Road.

There were five candidates battling it out for the £85,000 a year job, which will see the winner take control of Sussex Police.

Whoever wins will take charge of a £250million annual budget and have the power to hire and fire police chiefs.

However, critics of the system say the estimated £100million spent on the elections across the UK would have been better earmarked for front-line policing.

All three main political parties fielded a candidate.

The Conservatives, who dominate much of the Sussex electoral landscape, have chosen private investor Katy Bourne to fight their corner, after a high profile campaign by current East Sussex County Council chief Peter Jones fell flat with party voters.

Labour, which maintains some strong heartlands in the region, notably Hastings where it controls the borough council, have plumped for magistrate and former mayor Godfrey Daniel, while the Lib Dems will be hoping their last minute selection of Newhaven councillor David Rogers will bear fruit.

Outside the mainstream a raft of mooted independent candidates has withered to just one, Brighton’s Ian Chisnall.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) makes up the quintet with their man Tony Armstrong.