Twitter users who named Forrest’s victim are being investigated by the police

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Tweets identifying the schoolgirl involved in the Jeremy Forrest case may have broken the law.

Jeremy Forrest, a 30-year-old Bishop Bell maths teacher, was convicted of five-and-a-half years in prison for abducting and having sex with one of his 15-year-old pupils.

A section 39 court order banning the identification of the girl, who is now 16, was imposed to stop her name being published.

In addition she was given automatic anonymity when she became a victim of sexual offences after Forrest pleaded guilty five counts of sexual activity with a child at his sentencing hearing at Lewes Crown Court last Friday (June 21).

Sussex Police has confirmed that it is working with the CPS to look into whether criminal offences have been committed.

A police spokesperson said, “We are aware that the girl has been named on a number of social media sites.

“We will be talking to colleagues from the Crown Prosecution Service to establish whether there are any offences and if so what action should be taken.”

David Banks, a media law expert, said, “Some people are ignorant of the law and others disagreed with the law and named the girl because they felt it shouldn’t apply.”

Around 200 people had tweeted the girl’s name by last weekend.

Mr Banks said, “People think they are safe because they see a number of people doing the same, but 200 people is not that many. It is not that many for the police to arrest.”

Mr Banks said people who had published the girl’s name on any social media sites, including Facebook, could be liable.