Trust staff help prevent strokes

Staff from East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust’s Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team will be in the Arndale Centre on March 12 (10.30am – 2.30pm) to raise awareness of strokes and how to prevent them.

The event coincides with the 14th National Salt Awareness Week, with evidence linking high salt intake to high blood pressure, which contributes to about 50 per cent of the 150,000 strokes seen in the UK each year – that’s about one every five minutes.

High blood pressure is the most important risk factor for stroke and salt intake is strongly related to the development of high blood pressure, especially with age.

The average British man eats 10g of salt a day, with the average woman eating 8g, both higher than the recommended daily intake of just 6g.

Reducing to 6g a day would reduce blood pressure and there would be approximately 6,000 fewer deaths each year from heart attacks and stroke.

Members of the team will be offering free blood pressure and pulse checks and will be available to give information and advice to people on what they can do to reduce their risk of stroke.

Jill Gorman, stroke specialist dietitian at the Trust, said, “As a member of the Community Stroke Rehab Service,

“I am all too aware of the devastating impact a stroke can have.

“Reducing your intake of salt can help lower blood pressure and therefore reduce your risk of having a stroke.

“We look forward to meeting people in the Arndale Centre where we can check their blood pressure and talk about ways of reducing their risk of stroke.”

More information on strokes is available from and