Trevor’s Week - August 17, 2011: Another busy week dealing with deer casualties

LONG-TERM patients pigeons Viola and Sally were released in Eastbourne last week by rescuers Tony and Claire.

This has freed up the flight aviary for Errol, the hand-reared Tawny Owl, to move in. Ewok, our other hand reared Tawny owlet, has now gone into Errol’s old aviary.

Hand-reared wood pigeon Beatrix and hand-reared feral pigeon Frank have also gone down into the aviary this week.

WE HAD an amazing cream-coloured 150g hoglet in at the end of last week.

It has to be the lightest coloured one we have had and he is really grumpy, huffing and bucking constantly.

The other new hoglet is 300g, but sadly seems to have an eye missing and a problem with his other eye.

He is very nervous at the moment, but again in lovely condition so Mum has obviously been helping him until now.

SADLY it has been another busy week dealing with deer casualties.

Last week we rushed to deal with a road casualty baby fallow deer which picked up on the A271 near Herstmonceux.

A couple witnessed the deer get hit and picked him up and took him home to Bodle Green Street.

The WRAS ambulance rushed to the deer’s aid. We decided to take him straight to the emergency clinic at Bexhill as there appeared to be a problem with his spine.

X-rays revealed compaction of the spinal cord and a small fracture in the pelvis. Vets helped treat him and stabilise his condition.

He was taken back to WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre and settled down in one of the news enclosed pens which have only recently been finished.

I spent the night in the pen with him, helping to get fluids in and encouraging him to eat.

About 3am he was making attempts to stand, but I had to help support his rear legs as he was clearly in discomfort.

The improvement was amazing over the next 24 hours, but sadly the following day I came in to find he had completely lost the use of his rear legs and the shape of his back had clearly changed.

I picked him up and rushed him straight to the vets where they sadly confirmed the spine had moved and would not recover from it.

So, we had no option but to put him down.

ON SATURDAY we also received a call about a dog which attacked baby deer at Mayfield.

We rushed to the scene to find a very poorly deer with an extremely nasty wound to a rear leg. He had lost quite a lot of blood.

We contacted our vet and the deer was treated back at WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre and bedded down in one of the new large animal pens. But despite our efforts he died overnight.

We have now had 12 baby deer this year which is almost double what we have had in previous years.

I WOULD like to thank everyone who came along to WRAS’s Summer Fair at St Johns Church Hall, Polegate, on Saturday.

It was a great day and we raised more than £600 for WRAS!

THIS COMING weekend we are at the Princes Park Fun Day in Eastbourne so please come along and support us.

Trevor Weeks, founder and director, East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS). –


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