Travellers move on from seafront

A group of French travellers who set up camp in a seafront car park left on Friday morning.

The group had moved along the coast from Bexhill to Eastbourne and several caravans and cars drove into the lower car park at the South East Water Treatment Works in Prince William Parade on Wednesday morning.

Officers from Sussex Police and council officials met with the group for talks throughout the day on Thursday in a bid to encourage them to move to Bridie’s Tan, the designated site for travellers on the A27 near Lewes.

On Friday lunchtime the convoy agreed to leave the seafront site.

They are believed to have made their way up to London.

A spokesperson at Eastbourne Borough Council said the council had served a legal notice on the group requiring people to leave the illegal encampment within 24 hours.

Sussex Police also had the powers to move the group on.

The council spokesperson added the group of travellers had left the site clean and tidy and Sussex Police reported there had been no problems on the site.