Trader vows to fight on for shop shutters

Amy and mum Gayle Cosgrove beside the damaged shop window. 19/02/14
Amy and mum Gayle Cosgrove beside the damaged shop window. 19/02/14

A trader whose business has been attacked four times this year has said her fight for sturdy shutters to tackle the problem goes on.

Outraged Gayle Cosgrove contacted the Herald after Cambridge & Co suffered a badly cracked window earlier this month and the 45-year-old says it is costing her thousands to shell out in repairs.

She said Eastbourne Borough Council is refusing to allow her to have shutters because the shop is in a conservation area and after their response last week, saying it would not permit metal protruding external roller shutters, she has contacted its chief executive in a bid to see the problem resolved.

Gayle, who opened the business in Cornfield Road four years ago said, “I’ve had so much lovely support from customers wishing me the best and saying how ridiculous it is. I’m not after really heavy duty ones but the see-through ones.”

EBC has said shutters are permitted behind shop windows but Gayle said this would not stop the window from getting smashed and that wooden ones would be too heavy for her to pull down and wouldn’t be sturdy enough, adding, “I’m going to fight this.”

A spokesperson for EBC said, “Eastbourne Borough Council is working with the owners of Cambridge & Co to find the most suitable resolution that complies with relevant planning legislation.

“The location of this shop is in a sensitive conservation area directly opposite the War Memorial roundabout and so any solution must be sympathetic to the surrounding area.

“We are preparing some suggested shutter options for the owners of Cambridge & Co which we will discuss with them in the near future.

“ If these are on the outside of the premises then planning permission will be required. There are other examples of security shutters installed in the area. These were considered and designed on an individual basis and planning permission was granted where required.”