Town’s MP served with legal papers by predecessor

LEGAL papers have been served this week on Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd by the man he beat in last year’s General election.

The town’s former Conservative MP Nigel Waterson is suing Mr Lloyd for libel and lawyers acting for Mr Waterson have served the writ.

The action is to centre on a leaflet produced by Liberal Democrat Mr Lloyd during the 2010 general election campaign. Mr Waterson was the town’s MP until 2010 when the seat was taken from him by Mr Lloyd, who said this week, “I am astonished Mr Waterson is raising this nine months after the General Election and I stand by what was said. The claim is without foundation and the matter is now in the hands of my solicitors. My priority is to continue fighting for the interests of the people of Eastbourne and Willingdon and they know that is what I remain totally focused on.”