Town council backs grit bins for residents

BuckinghamGVs.Grit-salt bin.
BuckinghamGVs.Grit-salt bin.

An initiative which will see Seaford residents work together to grit their roads during the cold snap has been backed by the town council.

Following requests from residents Seaford Town Council has a small budget available for people to install the bins, with the cost of filling the bin, maintenance and damage the responsibility of the group of residents.

A draft policy on the issue was discussed by the Planning & Highways Committee. Councillor Paul Franklin had the idea for the scheme and said, “It’s a community project.

“We’ve managed to secure some basic funding to start this off to see if it’s a success.

“It gives people the chance in a road or street to get together and at no or a minimal cost they can have a grit bin.”

Councillor Alan Latham said he would like the town council to have more responsibility in areas of the project.

The policy says priority would be given to certain areas and that only locations that meet the East Sussex County Council criteria would be supported. Councillors voted to approve the draft grit bin policy.