Tina cuts weight by half after gastric op

The new slimline Tina
The new slimline Tina

A LANGNEY woman has undergone a gastric bypass and lost a massive 12 stone in less than a year - more than half her body weight .

Tina Munro had a gastric bypass in Chichester on February 6, 2010 and dropped from 24 stone to 12 stone.

She ditched her size 34 clothes for a size 16 after the surgeons reduced her stomach to the size of an egg.

Tina decided to go ahead with the operation after watching a television programme.

She said, “I had always been big since school and it was just getting me down.

“I was watching the Fat Doctor and seeing the work they did in Chichester just made up my mind.”

The 39-year-old mum of two is pleased she went ahead with the operation but says she now has gallstones, which may have been caused from losing weight quickly.

Tina should now be able to eat three small meals a day but is in constant pain, can eat nothing more than half a can of soup a day and is sick on a daily basis.

She said, “I did think it was going to be an easy option but it hasn’t been.”

But despite the pain, she is pleased the bypass has had the desired affect and has praised the doctors at Chichester.

She said, “I just love the fact I can go into normal shops now and pick clothes up off the rail.

“I am now a size 16 but before I was a size 34 and it was so difficult to buy clothes.

“I am so glad the bypass has worked because I did have my doubts.”