Tax Justice Bus rolls into town

A CAMPAIGN to stamp down on tax avoidance is winging its way to Eastbourne aboard a bright red double decker bus.

Christian Aid has waged a long-running war against tax dodgers and, with high-profile cases like that of comedian Jimmy Carr appearing in the national press, the religious group has decided now is the time to hammer home its message.

The Tax Justice Bus will be in Eastbourne on September 15 for an event at St Richards Church in Priory Road, which gets under way at 7.30pm.

On the evening there will be an opportunity for local supporters and church leaders to have a look around the interactive tax bus exhibition and hear first hand stories about the negative effect that tax dodging has on the poor.

A spokesman for Christian Aid said, “Tax dodging is big business in the UK. Government figures show that £35 billion is lost every year to tax dodging - more than the amount the Government is cutting from public services.

“In a time of global recession and austerity, tax revenues are more important than ever. Every pound lost to tax dodging is one less for public services and tackling poverty at home.

“We estimate corporate tax dodging costs developing nations at least $160 billion annually, that’s one and a half times the global aid budget.”