Suicide man had missed court the day before he took his life

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A SUICIDE victim who threw himself off Beachy Head had skipped a court date the day before.

Alan Wilkinson, 57, should have appeared at Chichester Crown Court on March 14 this year but failed to turn up – sparking Sussex Police to launch a missing persons search to try and track him down.

Mr Wilkinson, of Findon Valley in Worthing, went off the radar until his body was discovered at the foot of cliffs at the notorious suicide spot. A post mortem at the DGH showed he had died from injuries consistent with a fall from a considerable height and an inquest into his death revealed an abandoned car had been found near the Beachy Head pub.

He was initially identified by a photograph from his missing persons file while was sent by mobile phone to officers on the scene.

Coroner Alan Craze carried out the inquest in the absence of any family members, with witness statements read out, and he decided all evidence pointed to suicide. He said, “The proximity of the car leaves me in no doubt whatsoever that he drove to Beachy Head with the intention of taking his life.”