Street light changes are set to go ahead

Seaside Eastbourne street lighting has not been working. January 9th 2013 E02233P
Seaside Eastbourne street lighting has not been working. January 9th 2013 E02233P

Street lights on residential roads in Eastbourne will be replaced with modern LED alternatives as part of a county-wide drive to save £885,000 over the next three years.

East Sussex County Council has already introduced changes to street lighting where lights have been replaced with lower wattage ‘white’ lights, dimmed or converted to part-night operation.

The specific lighting needs of each area will be looked at on a ward by ward basis,starting with Langney. Residents can find out how the lighting in the area will be changing and to give their views at an engagement event tomorrow (Saturday May 18).

Lights on the main roads through Eastbourne will remain unchanged while those on the main routes into housing estates may be dimmed from either 10pm or midnight depending on the how busy the road is and the businesses operating along those roads.

The lighting in residential streets will generally be maintained throughout the night although in some areas it may switch off between 12.30am and 5am.

“A year ago we were spending close to £1.4million a year on electricity for our street lighting and illuminated signs,” said Rupert Clubb at the council.

“As well as saving more than £105,000 a year with the changes currently in place, there has also been a reduction of 650 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The changes to street lighting in Eastbourne will help us achieve our target of saving £885,000 by 2016.

“All changes to street lighting have been carried out in consultation with Sussex Police to ensure our county remains a safe place to live and work.”

Members of the street lighting team will answer questions and listen to people’s concerns from 9am to noon at St Barnabas United Church Hall in Kingfisher Drive.