Special training for dealing with diabetes

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The Diabetes Specialist Team at East Sussex NHS Trust shared a proud moment when their educational programme for people with Type 1 diabetes received special certification. Skills for Adjusting Diet and Insulin (SADIE) in East Sussex is a five day intensive education programme which aims to provide the skills and knowledge to give people the confidence to effectively self manage their diabetes.

Sally Faulkner, Trust Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse, said, “Type 1 diabetes typically affects people earlier in life and affects approximately 2,000 people living in East Sussex, who have a day to day need for insulin to be injected, or taken via an insulin pump, for survival. These people have to make multiple considerations such as food choices, insulin doses and lifestyle options that people without diabetes take for granted. To date almost 300 people have completed SADIE and the most common feedback from them has been ‘SADIE has changed my life’.”