Something to shout about for Town Crier

Seaford Town Crier SUS-140409-175012001
Seaford Town Crier SUS-140409-175012001

Seaford Town Crier Peter White has scooped a trophy in the Chester World Town Crier Tournament.

Peter, who is also the town’s Serjeant at Mace, was up against 24 other criers – including a number of world champions.

He did not expect to win and indeed came 11th overall in the main competition.

However, two sharp-eyed costume judges noticed the military cut and classic lines of his 1865 replica uniform, crafted by the Queen’s Warranted Naval Uniform Tailor Geoffrey Golding and he was placed second overall in the Best Dressed Crier category.

Other categories include Best Ambassador for Your Town, Best File of National and Local Media Coverage of Visit to Chester, Best Cries Over Three Days and Best Dressed Town’s Crier’s Escort.

Peter said, “To win second place was a great honour.

“The winner, a Native American from Canada, had three different brilliant outfits and deserved to win!

“It is also a big thank-you for the clubs and individuals who helped to fund the new uniform two years ago.”

Peter was presented to the Lord Mayor of Chester, who actually knows Seaford well.

Peter presented him with an inscribed and sealed parchment greeting from the Mayor of Seaford, and his own personal gift: a stick of Seaford Rock!

All the criers volunteered for an afternoon of community work, and Peter spent his time in Chester’s Central Library reading stories to children in their holiday reading club.

Peter’s next foray into the competitive world is the National Town Criers’ Championship in Hastings’ Priory Meadow on the morning and afternoon of October 18.

A town crier is an officer of the court who makes public pronouncements as required by the court.

The crier can also be used to make public announcements in the streets.