Smoke alarm warning by town’s fire chief

Dave Sheppard SUS-140905-100515001
Dave Sheppard SUS-140905-100515001

Eastbourne residents are being urged to instal more smoke alarms for their homes as latest statistics reveal one may not be enough to escape a fire.

The warning has come from Dave Sheppard, the borough commander at Eastbourne Fire Station in Whitley Road, in a bid to give people the best chance of escaping a blaze in the home.

He said, “It’s clear most people know a working smoke alarm can save lives by providing those vital few seconds needed to escape a house fire. But, despite the majority of homes having at least one working smoke alarm in their home, smoke alarms alerted householders to a fire in only a third of cases.

“The most common reason a smoke alarm failed to activate was because the fire was outside its range. For this reason, the Fire Kills campaign and East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service are encouraging people in Eastbourne to have a think about the smoke alarms in their home.

““We must all make sure we have enough smoke alarms to cover our whole homes. If you don’t have enough, or they’re not in the right place, you might not be alerted in time. It’s so important you have enough smoke alarms and they are in the right place to have the best chance of alerting you and your loved ones to a fire.”

“You should make sure you have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home, preferably in hallways and landings. And placing smoke detectors near to sleeping areas and in rooms where there’s electrical appliances could give you the extra warning you need. Smoke alarms don’t last forever. Whether they are battery operated or wired to the mains, to work at their best replaced every ten years.”