Shopper protests against ‘unfair’ ticket

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parking story SUS-140809-101737001
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A man who was issued an ‘unfair’ parking ticket has sent out a warning to car park users in Hampden Retail Park.

Alex Mattelaer was horrified after being issued the £50 penalty by UK Parking Control on Saturday August 2.

The car park has a three hour limit which Alex sticks to on a regular basis but he was penalised after popping over the road to buy milk from Morrisons.

Rules stipulate that only customers who make use of the retail park can use the car park and despite the fact that Alex had made a purchase from the park’s Maplins store, he returned to his car to see that a ticket had been slapped on his windshield.

Perplexed, he went back in to Maplins where staff said it happens quite a lot and it must have been as he’d briefly left the car park.

“What I don’t understand is that someone must have watched me and waited for me to set foot out of the car park so they could give me the ticket,” Alex said.

On closer inspection of a sign in the car park, Alex admits it does state that customers can’t leave the car park but says that the rules are ridiculous and are printed in such a small font it is almost impossible to read.

He has since appealed the decision successfully and was given a full refund by UK Parking Control.

They admitted making a mistake but denied they had deployed underhand tactics in issuing the ticket.