Shoplifter is given the chance to beat drugs

A drug user who stole from two town centre stores has been given the chance to help kick his habit.

James Boswell swiped a handbag from Monsoon and placed it in a large carrier bag before heading to TJ Hughes where he stole a knitted jumper.

The 32-year-old was approached shortly afterwards and the items were recovered.

At a hearing at Eastbourne Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday this week Boswell pleaded guilty to two counts of theft and admitted breaching a conditional discharge which he was given back in November for shoplifting.

Yolanda Pons, defending, said, “Mr Boswell has pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and I invite you to give him full credit.

“These were low level thefts and both items were recovered.” She said her client had been clean of heroin for a period of time but had begun associating with a drug user last year and started taking the Class A drug again.

She added, “This led to the offence in November last year and since then he has been struggling to beat the addiction for another time.

“He is now no longer associating with the drug user and is registering to be his partner’s carer.”

Magistrates requested a report on Boswell from probation that explained he smoked heroin and had last taken drugs around five days ago.

He was given a community order for nine months with supervision and a six month drug rehabilitation requirement (DRR).

He was also told the conditonal discharge he was on would continue to run and that the court will hold monthly reviews to monitor Boswell’s progress on the DRR.

After he was sentenced Boswell was warned by magistrates he would end up in prison if he kept offending.