Security hired to protect £112k town skate park

Security guards are being drafted in to stop skaters ruining a £112,000 park - before it has even opened.

Around £700 has been handed over by Hailsham Town Council to help boost security.

The money will go towards stopping skaters damaging the concrete by paying guards to monitor the site from 4pm-10pm each day and 10am-10pm on weekends.

The step-up in security comes after around 100 youngsters jeopardised the completion of the skate park at Maurice Thornton playing field.

Youngsters removed fencing and skated on the setting concrete, Hailsham Town Council heard.

The skate park is near completion and could be finished by next week, said Hailsham’s deputy town clerk, Mickey Caira.

He also confirmed the incident had not damaged the concrete.

Fears had been expressed by councillors the youngsters had caused stress fractures in the un-set concrete.

Mr Caira said: “Obviously we are keen to get it finished but equally keen to make sure it’s secure until it’s done.

“So what the contractors have done is hire security guards to stop the kids getting in.

“The kids decided they wanted to use the park.

“They managed to pull the metal fencing apart to get in.

“I don’t think they were malicious but they have been waiting 10 years for the skate park so they were obviously getting impatient.”

The skate park will be named after Tony Tack, the former chairman of Town Farm Residents Association (TFRA).

The official opening is due to be held on November 24.