SEAFORD: Plenty of support for Eddie’s marathon effort

Eddie and his wife Sam out collecting for his marathon challenge
Eddie and his wife Sam out collecting for his marathon challenge

FORMER daredevil stuntman Eddie Kidd has been pushing his body to the limit as he continues with his incredible challenge to complete the London Marathon which started on April 17 .

The Seaford resident is taking part in the mammoth feat to help raise funds for Kids with Leukaemia.

He featured on BBC’s The One Show last week which showed the 51-year-old using a special frame to get along. He had completed eight miles at that time and was on schedule to finish by late May.

Eddie, who worked as a double in many action movies and performed breathtaking motorcycle stunts, suffered catasphrophic injuries following a crash in 1996, making his latest achievement all the more amazing.

He was left with a brain injury which has restricted his speech and movement and the left side of his body is semi-paralysed.

The show featured him alongside some of his celebrity pals who cheered him on.

Among them was singer Suggs, who said, “I remember him from when I was a kid. He was the daredevil stunt motorycle rider that we all looked up to.

“It’s truly extraordinary what he’s trying to do here. I can’t think of a braver or tough person than Eddie at this moment in time.”

His wife and manager Sam was also there helping him along the way and spurring him on as he completes the event in stages.

At the end of Wednesday Eddie had nearly completed eight miles of the challenge.

Eddie, who spent more than a year training for the event, headed out into Seaford before the big day to help get his fundraising underway and to meet his fans.

The London Marathon will also see Eddie supporting the Eddie Kidd Foundation, which aims to support other dangermen and women who may find their careers suddenly cut short by injury.

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